How to Install wordpress in Hostinger

How to Install WordPress in Hostinger

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I believe that you have bought the hosting from Hostinger. Now you are trying to build your website/blog on Hostinger. Here I will tell you about How to install WordPress in Hostinger that you can easily install WordPress in Hostinger.

So let’s get started.

There are some steps which you need to follow.

1. Go to Hostinger Dashboard:

Enter your credentials in Hostinger Account. When your account successfully is opened. It shows like this pic.

Next step comes to click on the manage.


2.Go to the Auto Installer:

As you click on the manage button, you will come into C-panel of Hostinger. Where you can manage Hosting Settings.

There are multiple settings for multiple tasks in Hostinger control panel.

Here you are seeing Auto Installer option which is highlighted with red square box. You have to click on this. After Clicking on this, it shows like this.

Click on the WordPress. Which is the most popular CMS in the World.

After clicking on this. It will ask you for destination url.

Create your administrator’s username, password, & email. When you will open WordPress Dashboard, it requires these credentials.

3. Mention Your Website Title & Tagline:

This is the final step to mention your website a title and a tagline. Now it has been complete process.

After WordPress installation is completed, you can go for choosing themes, installing plugins and setting up other features.


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So you can buy Hosting from Hostinger. As you have seen the video and read the post that installing WordPress on Hostinger is so easy and you can manage all other settings in Hostinger C-panel dashboard that is very user friendly.

If you have any query related to installing WordPress on Hostinger or any question related to Hostinger. Feel free to type your query in the comment box.

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